About Us

Our passion is gaming!

We started our gaming career years ago with the awesome game of Microsoft called Age of Empires 2 and stayed with till the add-on called Conquerors.

We played this game for an uncountable amount of hours.

After this, we progressed to some ego-shooters like Unreal Tournament and Quake 3, where we became addictive to those incredible games.

We wanted more, we wanted to become better, we sat so many hours in front of the PC, we can’t count it anymore.

To this time, we infected a lot of our friends to play same games and hosted multiple local lan-parties with 20+ people.

But this wasn’t enough.. we became better and better, especially in Unreal Tournament, so it was a clear result that we joined some highly skilled online-clans.

We started to develop strategies for the game-modes capture the flag and team deathmatch and one of our highlights has been to beat one of the most frightened online-clans in the world on their home map called lava!

Due to this time, we were playing 6 hours and more daily to progress to insane levels of skill – oh yeah, we really loved this game.

Years went by and today, we are still gaming a lot but we concentrate more on PlayStation4 and different games like Doom, Fifa and others.

But.. there is one thing, that has never changed:the need for a

the need for a high quality gaming chair, when we sit so many hours in front of our PC or gaming consoles – and this is the fundamental idea of Neufur – we help you to achieve maximum gaming results by playing in a high-end gaming environment.


Neufur Gaming Crew

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