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A lot of equipment like a DXRacer gaming chair goes into optimizing the experience for serious PC gamers.

One of the most important yet underrated pieces of equipment any gamer needs is a high-quality gaming chair.

When you’re spending hours at a time trying to complete an important mission, the last thing you want is your own body getting in the way of your success. In a way, the correct chair is your secret weapon. It might just give you that extra edge you need to push through and ultimately see victory.

We’d like to introduce to you the DXRacer Chair. The DXRacer Formula Chair isn’t your typical leather or velour office chair.

DX Racer specializes in PC gaming chairs that mimic a racing seat out of a car and puts it in front of your desk. So with this in mind…. let’s dive in and take a look at what the DX Racer chair is all about.

DX Formula Chair – The Best PC Gaming Chair

Sitting in front of a screen is not a natural body position; you’re hunched up, static and usually hot.  So it makes sense to invest in DX gaming chair. Think about your back, your circulation and your vitals, all can suffer from a poor computer gaming chair choice and in extreme cases there can be deadly consequences.

I’m thinking about air flights and DVT here. It’s also clear that if you spend a lot of time with a keyboard you’re going to burn through poor quality chairs, especially if you’re the huskier type.

A poor-quality chair can have many detrimental side effects, many of which have to do with your health. If you don’t have dx formula gaming chair, long term use can result in bad posture or worse. Back problems and neck problems can develop that not only impact your overall health, but also impact your gaming skills.

A good pc gaming chair is not your average office chair. Not only does it need to provide the support and comfort you need, but it also needs to be organized and functional to keep up with your gaming prowess.

The dx racer chairs are often overlooked as an important component of a gamer, so it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve taken the hard work upon ourselves and narrowed down the best PC gaming chair out from the market for 2017.

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Features of DXRacer Chair

What buyers should look at attentively is the best gaming chair’s ergonomic features, or certain features that let you adjust and control comfort or accessibility however you deem necessary:

  • Quality and Security: All the accessories have passed 72 strict quality tests.
  • Imported Hydraulic unit: The hydraulic unit is imported from Germany and passes stringent SGS and exceeds International standards.
  • Adjustable system: The height and angle of the chair can be adjusted to any degree.
  • Full-size frame: The DXRacer chair has a full size frame inside. We adhere to strict quality controls to bring you the ultimate in comfort.
  • Footrest-shaped base: Our new base has been designed by a team of specialized professionals to last indefinitely.
  • Functions: Raise and Lower, Specially designed handle – Toggle gently and lift quickly.
  • Resilient armrest surface: DXRacer imports superb quality polyurethane. High-quality surface enables you to rest your arms – Soft, pleasant to touch and comfortable.
  • Large angle adjuster: A typical feature of the gaming chair for PC, all steel framework – 170-degree limitless angle adjuster.
  • Multi-directional ergonomic design: 10 years of ergonomics research, optimum structure curve and perfect ratio – supports your spine and offers superb comfort.
  • Universal casters: Covered in advanced racing quality PU, combined with heavy ABS – firm, durable, safe and quiet.
  • Newly designed base: A world first footrest shaped base, stamped with a racing tire pattern – help to rest your feet and sit comfortably.

DXRacer Gaming Chair offers a premium seating experience at an entry level price. All the components and materials used in the DXRacer chair have been carefully selected to deliver the support you deserve during long sessions in front of the computer.

The 3-dimensional armrests and the headrest and lumbar cushions are included to offer extra customizability options.

The control unit allows you to either unlock the gaming seat, giving you the option to rock back and forth or completely lock the seat in a horizontal position and the backrest is fully adjustable between 90 and 135 degrees.

The SGS certified gas lift together with the robust star base holds weights up to 100 kg (approx. 220 pounds) and the high-quality cold foam helps you keep your posture straight and prevent back pain. The 2” PU-casters rolls smoothly over flat surfaces.

Pros of DX Formula Gaming Chair

First of all DX formula chair looks fantastic and comes in various color schemes to match your rig or battle station. We usually say to avoid looks, but this chair does look pretty damn awesome.

DX Racer is very comfortable and easy on the body to play for extended sessions of Warcraft, Counter-Strike or whatever your preferred game is.

DX Gaming Chair comes highly recommended from various pro gamers and has been used for extended play time on professional player streams. This gaming chair is built to last.

  • • DX Formula Gaming Chair greatly reduces your level of fatigue which is experienced for a number of reasons when sitting in a conventional gaming computer chair. Fatigue can be a result of staying up too late but when you’re gaming, fatigue is often caused by strain on important areas such as your neck, back and other parts of your body. The spread out padding and strategically placed foam will help reduce fatigue.
  • • PC Gaming Chair comes with very high customization options, allowing you to customize them any way you’d like. If you don’t like something that’s included, you can remove it, swap it out or adjust it. That’s one of the things that DXRacer Chair does better than other products out there.
  • • The best gaming chairs support people of all different weights and heights. There’s a wide computer chairs, there’s tall chairs and adjustable neck heights on a lot of different DXRacer brands out there. If you don’t like the original look of a gamer chair to fit your body, you can easily adjust that.
  • • They’re highly durable and made to last for a very long time. Unlike conventional chairs, the exterior won’t fall apart and the foam doesn’t cave in after a couple of months of usage.

Cons of DX Racer

  • • DXRacer Gaming chair might have some assembly required but the assembly is relatively straight forward, they always come with instructions and are easy to follow.
  • • They’re a bit more expensive than your conventional office chairs but this is because of all the functionality offered by DXRacer computer chair, compared to your old run of the mill gaming chair.

About DX Formula Chair

DXRacer has a particularly interesting story in that the company actually started in the automotive industry.  Founded in 2003, DXRacer sought to build high-end, high-quality, performance seats for race cars.

Due to their success and stellar reputation in the auto industry, they have been able to branch out into other niches such as office and gaming chairs.

The Formula Series is DXRacer’s answer to those seeking affordable luxury. The Formula Series’ high-density cold cure foam filling makes these chairs comfortable for extended use, even for 8 hours and longer.

With a tubular steel frame and a metal star base, as well as comfortable 8-position armrests, the Formula Series offers superb stability. With an integrated headrest, adjustable lumbar support cushion, and a tilt-mechanism angling all back the way down to 180 degrees, you’re sure to be comfortable.

It is one of the most popular DXRacer models on Amazon. In addition to that, it’s also the most popular Formula Series model in general. Just like every one of their chairs, DXRacer built it to be as comfortable and as healthy for long gaming sessions as possible.

Formula Series gaming chairs are designed for average and slim body types what is part of the reason this particular model is so popular. DXRacer chairs are the ultimate computer chairs made solely for the benefit of gamers.

Sure, it has the same features and functionality as your typical office-slash-gaming chair, but DXRacers are better-suited for gaming.

The first thing you notice about the DXRacer chairs is the clear racing heritage.  Particularly when it comes to gaming chairs, the padding, bolsters, shape and finish are all inspired heavily by their automotive counterparts.

The racing heritage is fantastic because it means that DXRacer chairs will stand up to even the most intense gaming sessions.  After all, if they can survive the temperatures and abuse they receive on the race track, surely, they can handle a few sessions of Gran Turismo or Grand Theft Auto.

It is ideal for persons that range in height from approximately 5’3″ to 5’8″ and weigh from 110 to 180 lbs.  Please note that the chair has a weight capacity of 265 lbs.  But, weight capacity is a measure of what weight the chair can support. It has nothing to do with comfort and fit.

Ideal body type is a narrow to medium build, i.e. – narrow to medium shoulders and narrow to a medium waist, hips and legs.  The seat pan has bolstered sides created by the internal steel frame.  If you have large thighs the seat may feel too narrow.

Conclusion: DX Gaming Chair

All in all, DXRacer Gaming Chair is an excellent series of gaming chair and possibly one of the best in the market as of now. We all know that DXRacer is synonymous with gaming, they sponsor several gaming events and team.

Therefore, the items that they make are made for gamers in mind. Although DXRacer Chair is a bit pricey, if you are looking for a quality gaming chair that will last you ages, then this chair should be high on your list.

So far the benefits from DX Formula Chair have been tangible. I no longer experience wrist stress from supported elbows when typing, I’ve adopted correct back posture from sitting straight and have felt a difference in my neck, circulation, back, glutes and spinal column. You too will feel the difference, especially if you have been using a standard household chair or similar non optimized seat.

Living in the tropics DX Racer also has to be able to withstand the humidity and heat extremes with ease. A monthly wipe down with a damp cloth with a little detergent and it comes up a treat. DX Gaming Chair now feels broken in; I now know exactly how to position it for each discipline.

DX Formula Gaming Chair works equally well when I’m watching something online, typing on the keyboard or getting close and personal to the screen for some FPS action.

This PC gaming chair is the most expensive chair I have ever bought but the way I see it, if I can get three years’ use out of it, it will have been a solid investment. Already it has improved my posture, and my gaming experience is better for it as I remain comfortable for longer, and that’s worth the extra money to me. If I get six years out of it I’m going to buy another one.

This chair has been getting some fantastic feedback. In fact, at the time of writing it has over 200 reviews and nearly all of them have rated it over 4.5 out of five stars. This is very high! Even by the law of averages on a great product you normally see a lower rating than this!

This means that the chair is very well made and will give you a fantastic gaming chair for comfort! We think that you will love the high back on the chair as it is very snug and you can even use this if you want to have a nap!

We tried to pick out some of the negative reviews and we found one that mentioned that the DXRacer Chairs was overpriced as they found it too narrow. However, bear in mind that almost all of the DXRacer gaming chair reviews are very positive so you have to take just that one bad one with a pinch of salt!

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