Homall Computer Racing Chair

A strong, comfortable gaming chair is a must for any gaming room, but sometimes we need something a little more impressive than the standard mesh-backed, black model – which is where the Homall Computer Racing Chair comes in.

Homall – Comfortable Gaming Chair

This PC gaming chair is designed to be used as an office and gaming chair. It has padded armrests, a 360 swivel so users can turn their attention to different screens and it should be strong enough for larger users with the promise of a 210 pounds load capacity. Does this video game chair meet the requirements of all potential users or is there a potential drawback?

Introducing Homall Computer Racing Chair

This gaming computer chair is pretty inviting to gamers because not only it does have that bucket seat for long-term support and comfort, it is also covered in good-looking leather with following colors: black, black and red or black and blue. Where some designers can go too far with the size and shape of their gaming chairs, making them a little dominating in a room, this one looks sleek and should also work as well as an office chair.

This is doing best for ergonomic use and the way that the back rest aids the posture of the user over long periods. Buyers say they can happily use this firm, yet comfortable chair for a full-day’s work, which means that this should also be ideal for long gaming sessions.

What we really liked on the initial view of the Homall Computer Racing Chair is that it has a very cock pit like unique style. It looks like something you could pull out of a race war. We were a little concerned at first because in the pictures, the armrests look a little far apart and we didn’t know if it would be a good fit, seeing as we weren’t heavy set nor did we need the extra space, but we decided to give this product a try.

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Features of Homall Computer Racing Chair

As if there’s not enough praise for Homall already in the review, we wanted to dive right into all of the different features and functions that this gaming desk chair offers for the low price tag and the unique design. What kind of things can you do and what can’t you do with this ultimate gaming chair?

  • 360-degree swivel design to easily turn left, right and back in a seated position.
  • There is padding on the armrest to offer a cushioning support to the arms and elbows.
  • The use of high quality and durable PU leather all over the best computer gaming chair including the armrests cradles your skin perfectly and also enables for continuous use.
  • The back tilt mechanism enables users to move the gaming chair back and forth at will. The tilt can be adjusted and locked according to the user’s needs.
  • The height of the gaming chairs can be adjusted from 18 to 21 inches.
  • There are 5 strong legs for the game chairs made of high-quality metal that offer great stability and solidness. They can withstand a maximum load of 280 pounds.
  • The wheels at the base of the five legs move in any direction and do not make any noise when moving over the floor.
  • The seat dimensions are 20” x 20” and the backrest is 20” x 28.3”.

An interesting additional feature of Homall Computer Racing Chair is the use of the rocking function. Rather than just adding a tilt feature on the back rest, the whole chain can be rocked back and forth to add to the experience.

Pros of Homall Racing Chair

  • The swiveling function and the lean back capability of the pc gaming chair are great for anyone looking for a video game chair that can also double as a make shift bed.
  • The overall size of the back which seems to be larger than a lot of other comfortable gaming gaming computer chair in the market is something we enjoyed because no matter what position we took up in the video game chairs, we were always comfortable.
  • The headrest pillow is almost as comfortable as a real pillow (depending on the type of pillow you have) so it was easy to start dozing off in and a hard gaming desk chair to get out of.
  • The smooth and easy moving base of the ultimate gaming chair was one of the greatest things about the best computer gaming chair due to how great it worked on all types of flooring we tested and how quiet it was.
  • The mesh for the seat and the back are attractive and come with a sliding waterfall design.
  • The PU leather is used to cover the entire gaming chair including the armrests.
  • A high-quality metal frame is used for gaming chairs construction and hence it is extremely durable.
  • It provides comfortable seating for long hours.
  • Offers a wonderful experience during intense gaming sessions.

Cons of Homall Racing Chair

  • The armrests may be a little bit smaller than they appear in some pictures but they were still quite comfortable and weren’t really a deal breaker.
  • The game chairs aren’t as high back as you’d think. The back of the pc gaming chair may not reach all the way up unless you’re less than 5 feet tall.
  • Some customers report that the padding brings them up higher. This means the video game chair won’t go as low as it should, even if you lower it completely.

About Homall Computer Racing Chair

Homall is one of those companies whose name speaks an own language. When you heard the word Homall, you know you’re getting a top notch and quality product.

One of the greatest things about these branded video game chairs is that they mimic the ever famous DXRacer as closely as they can. If you don’t know what a DXRacer is, then you’ve been living under a rock in the gaming chair world because they’re the top dogs.

So in this review, we are having a closer look at a competing product, which is way cheaper than DXRacer but also offers a lot of quality.

As far as the looks are concerned, we think they nowhere give any hints of being a cheap gaming chair. Instead, the gaming desk chair looks pretty cool and stylish. Furthermore, you can also choose from four different color options, so we can safely say that this gaming office chair doesn’t leave much to be desired at least on the looks front.

If you want to own an affordable Homall Computer Racing Chair but you are on a budget, this ultimate gaming chair is pretty decent. This one is very nice looking and it falls in category of: best computer gaming chair.

It has many of the features which are normally more expensive ones like 360-degree swivel, rocking function and multi-directional wheels but does not have adjustable armrests and the high-grade materials, understandably for the lower price point.

The Homall Executive PC Gaming Chair provides a nice bang for your buck when it comes to price. While not as comfortable and durable as a high-end chair, it’s still impressive.

The materials hold up after long-term use, the comfort is fair, and you can adjust and tilt it. For any gaming chair, this is about everything you need. This chair is good for those who are on a budget and looking to get the most for their money. There are some great video game chairs on the market.

If we are comparing budget gaming chairs, the Homall is the high-end budget chair. If you have money, you should get something pricier. If you want to save some money and get an overall solid chair, the Homall gaming chair is your best bet!

Overall, if you need a good chair and not too concerned with maximum support and comfort, you are making a good purchase. The Homall chair should satisfy those who are less picky. Let’s face it, you’re a gamer. You’re probably picky. If you’re not that picky, you should consider shortlisting this chair.

Conclusion: Homall Computer Racing Chair

We can skip beating around the bush and highly recommend this chair for a loved one, as a birthday present or whatever the occasion might be. This is a highly flexible chair that everyone can enjoy and it’s immensely comfortable, no matter what situation you’re using the chair for.

There is the sense that the makers of this ergonomic chair have tried to cover all the bases with this model to appeal to more than just gamers. The shape of this chair – although called a “racing car” shape – does offer a more appealing sense of style to other gaming chairs and it seems to do so without compromising too much on comfort, security and ergonomics.

There are some assembly and durability problems to watch out for here but, with some care and patience, this Homall chair should turn out to be the solid, reliable gaming/office chair that you need at home.

From the optimal comfort to the neck and lumbar support, to how smooth and free the movement of the wheels are, Homall Computer Racing Chair is a must have product if you’re looking for a budget chair with a lot of different high-end functionality. It’s almost a gaming necessity today to have a gaming computer chair and this is a perfect fit which is well worth the money.

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