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With the rise of streaming sites such as Twitch, Beam and the overall competitive gaming encompassing greater audiences than ever before, we the viewers are used to seeing the streamer with a standard toolbox of accessories.

The boom mic hanging off to the corner, the click clack of a high-end mechanical keyboard and the granddaddy of the peripherals the comfortable chair for gaming, paint the picture for what is Twitch-Star. For most of us though, the steep price tags associated with gaming chairs made them seemed doomed to live in wishlist purgatory.

However, like anything sought after, eventually a heavenly beacon of a wallet saving compassionate goodness comes to the masses to share the love. This comes in the form of Opseat Master Series, a relatively new contender to the gaming chair space but making big waves with their comfortable chairs for gaming that come in at seventy-five to a hundred dollars cheaper compared to similar models.

Opseat Master Series – Comfortable Chair for Gaming

Opseat Master Series was established to produce superior and efficient gaming chairs. They also provide you with an unmatched quality of ease and comfort, superior quality and all of that at a very affordable price tag.

With its ergonomic style and design, this high back ultimate gamer chair offers countless benefits and capabilities that will make it possible for you to personalize it to accommodate the shape of you to find the best seating position for your gaming sessions, which makes it the ideal fit for virtually any person.

Introducing Opseat Master Series

Opseat is one few companies which is able to be best solutions if you are bored with many video game chairs from DXRacer, Homall, and even Merax.

Sometimes we really need something different and unique for enjoying our games. I see that Opseat’s Gaming Chair is so interesting to take a deep look on it.

The company is relatively new (end of august 2017), but they are able to get many consumers interested. I am not only talking about the price difference here even though the price is cheaper with almost the same feature and the similar material.

But they have few unique things that make it shine in glory. To make it easier for you to decide, here is the full review about this furniture. So we hope you enjoy it.

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Features of Opseat Master Series

This high back pc gaming chair has many features that will allow you to customize how it fits your body and position, making it the perfect match for anyone.

It is ergonomic and has a removable headrest and adjustable lumbar support pillow. The Master Series pc gaming chair is built on a metal frame and covered with durable synthetic leather.

The adjustable seat and back are generously padded to provide comfort and support for extended sessions. Here are some of the features that come along with this video game chair:

  • High-Quality Synthetic Leather: Durable yet soft synthetic leather. Our materials will last until the end of the game and beyond.
  • Adjustable Padded Arm Rests: Padded arm rests are adjustable to match your preferred height.
  • Adjustable Back Angle: Tilt mechanism for lowering the back angle of the metal frame down to 135 degrees.
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment: Raise or lower your seat with a high-quality Class IV gas lifts.
  • Removable Head Rest: Quickly add or remove a supportive pillow as needed.
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support: Ergonomic design for extended comfort.
  • Nylon Dual Wheel Casters: Safe for hard and soft floor surfaces.

To avoid soreness in the neck muscles, this video game chair positions your head in such a way that allows you to look at the upper one-third of your PC monitor at an angle of around 110 degrees.

This gaming computer chair also comes with pneumatic seat height adjustments featuring a high-quality Class IV gas lift, a solid metal frame that will endure years of use and nylon dual wheel casters, which are safe for use on both soft and hard floor surfaces.

Opseat Master Series seat is meant to feel like a throne, and it indeed does feel like one.

Pros of Opseat Master Series

  • Comfort: Excellent ergonomic design with a high back support and removable lumbar support and headrest.
  • Quality: Built with a tough long-lasting metal frame and soft synthetic leather featuring more than enough padding for maximum comfort.
  • Customization: The gaming computer chair height is fully adjustable with comfy arm rests position and a completely reclining back-rest for maximum relaxation.
  • Strength: The Master series gaming chair is a heavy gaming desk chair with a class 4 gas lift which can supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Guaranteed: The Opseat Master Series PC Gaming Chair offers you a one Year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Colors: The Opseat Master Series PC Gaming Chair also comes in 11 beautiful colors for you to choose from.

Cons of Opseat Master Series

  • The gaming desk chair feels tight at the back for some users.
  • Armrests do wiggle sometimes including the frame.
  • Set up instructions may be quite hard for some people.
  • The armrests cannot be lifted from their place.

About Opseat Master Series

The Opseat Master Series PC Gaming Chair manufacturers are the recommended and most wanted gaming chair suppliers for pro eSports teams, well-known web based celebrities, and on-line streaming personalities.

They also allocate a percentage of their monthly revenue on a regular basis and help promote and sponsor sports teams and institutions who are at the forefront of worldwide sports entertainers.

At this point, there is a whole list of companies who are now selling their one racing style gaming chairs and it is starting to make it hard to figure out who you might want to go with.

One of the new companies that reached out to us about checking out their video game chairs is Opseat.

Unlike some of the other brands, the Opseat has a brand name that is taken right from gaming.

OP is a term used in games to describe a champion or weapon overpowered. Their Master Series is their first line of ultimate gaming chairs, but I’m curious to find out if they really are overpowered.

One thing is for sure though; they do seem to be one of the only brands with an ultimate gaming chair priced where a lot of people can afford it. If the Opseat is good, this could end up being a good buy, so let’s get it put together and see what it’s all about.

My first impression of this was the larger than life sized box that appeared on my front door step.

Following this came the weight of the package, which prompts a small safety warning to lift with your knees not your back. There is an old saying that weight usually goes hand and hand with the quality of product, which I am hoping to be true about the Opseat Master Series gaming chair.

Opseat took the high ground with their packaging, offering a cardboard box that was actually meant to contain the best computer gaming chair as well as bumps and bruises it may encounter during shipping.

The Opseat Master Series pc games chair is constructed on a metal structure and coated with long lasting, hard wearing synthetic leather with excellent padding allowing you to work and play for hours at a time without having a direct impact on your back, relieving stress and keeping you focused on what’s important: your game.

So you can get an advantage over your competition and dominate the game every time just like the pro gamers.

Additionally, Opseat is a fairly known brand and stands behind their products, which is why they offer a 1 year warranty with this best computer gaming chair. The Master Series has everything you would want in a racing style game chair and is on the more affordable side compared to a DXRacer.

Overall, we recommend this computer gaming chair and you won’t be disappointed if you chose to go with the Master Series.

Conclusion: Opseat Master Series

Of the three gaming chairs I now have, DXRacer, Vertagear and now the Opseat, I honestly would have to vote the Opseat as being my favorite. Not because I’m doing the review of their product currently, but it truly is the most comfortable all around for the way I sit personally.

I would definitely recommend the Opseat to anyone who prefers the softer type of seat to sit in.

Opseat could be the biggest competitor for DXRacer if they keep doing this good thing on their whole line up products. There is a significant difference on the price tag, so they really need to improve their chair or Opseat might take their place.

There are many things that you will love here and you probably don’t need to worry about the durability and functionality features.

For me, the Opseat Master Series also wins when it comes to price.

The current price is $219.99 that are nearly twice as cheap as DXRacer. Some of that is that you’re paying for that “premium brand name” over anything else.

I feel that Opseat has done really well and there’s no reason why they can’t compete with DXRacer and others in this market.

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